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A Full-Service Boutique That's Perfect For You

Is a little glamour in your life too much to ask for? Is a new hairstyle, perfect nails, and a sun tan more than you deserve? Of course not. We all need to treat ourselves to a little indulgence once in a while. What better way to get refreshed and revitalized than heading to a salon for a full treatment. If only you could get a tan while at the salon, it would save so much time.











The Ultimate
Client Experience


Glamour Boutique Can Do It All For You Under One Roof

We can do it all for you when you make an appointment at the Glamour Boutique. We'll treat you to the latest hairstyle, do your nails to perfection and make your skin a beautiful shade of bronze with our 15 minute super bed. Don't waste your time traveling around town looking for all these services when we have them all under one roof. Visit us today at the Glamour Boutique and prepare to look absolutely glamorous.